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Why I chose to join Plexus (and you should too!)

For me joining Plexus is more than great products that work! It’s a spiritual journey and an answer to prayer!

My need for pain relief first drove my passion for the search. Search for answers that doctors could not help me with. I was first introduced to Plexus two years ago when a Plexus ambassador read my post about my tummy issues. She explained to me the benefits of Plexus giving me immediate hope and so I ordered. All out of hope I began taking the probiotics and it wasn’t long and I was finding relief!

My journey was not yet complete. Naturally, I started feeling better and I slacked off on the product. Then I became pregnant and thought I had to quit everything. Boy, was I misinformed! I later found out most all their products are safe for breastfeeding and pregnant moms!

So many of us are misinformed and uneducated about a lot things when it comes to our health (among other things). There are many deceiving companies with junk products which alter your health, Plexus is not one of them I assure you! Many of us are feeling bad from all the toxins in our food and all around us and then we continue to fill our bodies with junk supplements or stimulants, or drugs and alcohol! My family is starting to go organic from food to cleaning to what we put in our hair. By the way, you can get discounted organic items from Thrive.com!

Did you know that a lot of the food that is allowed for consumers in America are banned in other countries? Google it.

Fast forward to the birth of my daughter this January. Now I needed a way to continue to stay at home and grow my ministry with the 2 little ones. God brought a sweet angel from Plexus to answer my prayer. We immediately connected and the rest is history. It’s a perfect fit for my life and I feel complete knowing I am adding so much value to others from financial issues and health concerns and help with personal development and a sense of purpose and, of course, my precious family!

With Plexus you have the assurance you are filling your body with the best!

We are getting educated for the health and wellness of our family! Wouldn’t you say that’s worth it? Wouldn’t you want the best for your family?

This is of major value to me and I will pay extra to ensure the very best for my family! You will be happy to know that most of our products are between $20-$40. NO individual product is over $85.

Oh, and by the way, Plexus is incredibly generous and if you get others to join you in your health and wellness journey your product will quickly be paid for! Know at least 3 people who could benefit from these life-changing products? Bam your product is almost paid for!

But it’s not just about the products themselves. It’s about the message behind the product.

If you knew the loving support of the company and its ambassadors you could understand better what I’m saying.

Plexus’s moto is “One Plexus.” The Plexus community is naturally very giving and loving. Its ambassadors cheer each other on and support one another! We are all about helping others and sharing information! We are the health and happiness company!

I feel I have found my tribe. My team members and upline have been so supportive and never judging or negative and I would say this is something this world needs more of?

Can you say that about your current job?

Are you growing? Are you stretching? Are you leading? Are you prospering?

Do you have a POSITIVE support?

What about your time and freedom?

What about your happiness? What about your dreams? What about you’re calling?

What do I really feel like God has place me here to do? To preach the gospel through all the world and use my gift of writing to help others.

But this is journey. This big of a mission is not accomplished overnight. I have to grow, learn about leadership and apply it, all while being a mother of 5! I also have to feel good enough to accomplish my goals and keep my nasty tummy troubles at bay! Plexus is my blessing!

Looks like God knew what He was doing when he joined me with Plexus because my “health and happiness” company addresses many things that help me get to where I’m going - which is more than I can say about most companies and/or products!

While this may not be for everyone, most can benefit!

What about you? How could Plexus help you?

Product Facts:

No artificial colors, sweeteners or flavors


Non-GMO, no soy, gluten-free

Plexus Goals:

Our goal is health and happiness and our tools are clinically studied, with the cleanest ingredients, and patented formulas that are all geared towards GUT HEALTH!

Issues Plexus has been known to Address

Asthma, Migraines, Fibromyalgia, Arthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Hashimoto’s, Grave’s Disease, PCOS, Multiple Sclerosis, Chronic acne, Myasthenia Gravis, IBS and the list goes on and on...

Benefits of Plexus for me

Extra $$$ per month




Personal development/Growth


Purpose and direction

New friends (all on a mission to help others)

Product Benefits

Sustained Energy

Improved digestion


Better mood


Less inflammation

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