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Why We Need to Focus on Greatness

Focusing on Greatness at the Beach!

Do you have a role model in your life?

Many times we need an example to live by. The people of the world have failed us. We look to role models and, if were not careful, they become our go-to for everything.

This is why we must ensure the leaders in our life are GREAT to help keep our focus! We then can pass the baton!

I have to take a break from the news; like every day at this point. I need my space from social media as well. These days I find myself so easily distracted if I flip on this or that. Oh, then there’s my phone. Let’s not even go there. I get in trouble frequently for not answering, the reason being that I am chasing after children most the time. When I do search for my phone my plan is to flip through social media, only to see that my phone was on silent and I missed a call from my husband. Now he’s mad.

Some days, I just can’t seem to win.

But I’m trying.

Trying to focus and keep my perspective, and be a good mom, and a good everything because I do care about not only my life but making an impact in others. It’s not about me anymore. I have to take good care of me, yes. But I need to keep a heart for others because that is when true joy burst through my failing flesh.

I have found that if I keep my proper perspective things go a lot smoother. It is when I am so distracted that I start to wander off.

I desperately need to keep my focus on what matters most. For example, God, my children, family, serving others.

What matters most to you? Are getting distracted from your gifts, your talents, the loves of your life? If so, it’s time to snap back to your passions.

It’s time to focus on the positive so greatness will arrive!

Who were your favorite celebrities growing up? I had many ranging from Randy Travis and Mel Gibson (ok those were crushes), to Alicia Silverstone and Cindy Crawford. You see I had high hopes of becoming a model or an actress. Boy I’m I glad that things changed and so did my perspective!

Let me ask you another question: Who are your favorite celebrities now, if any? Has your perspective changed? I know mine has!

Today, I would NOT want the lifestyle of the rich and famous. Too me, they just look very unhappy. I would much rather choose Jesus and trust Him with my life! I also choose wise role models and positive people to be around. Of course, in the natural order of things I cannot dodge negative people all together, but I certainly don’t have to have them in my inner circle!

Why do we look to role models anyway? For me, this says something about the direction I want to go. Role models can be great, as long as we don’t idolize them. It seems too many today are placing everyone else’s priority ahead of their own and as a result they are veering off the course to their destiny.

When this happens I am sure the devil is folding his arms in sick satisfaction. We must not let him creep in on us. Regain your focus!

I decided not long ago that I must focus. Too many things were taking my attention off where it needed to be.

My #1 Focus is God, family, and serving God. What is yours? Have you strayed off course? If so, think about getting back on track.

To readjust your focus, here are some helpful tips to keep your proper perspective:

  1. Devote yourself first thing in the morning to your devotionals and scripture reading.

  2. Meditate on the Word of God. Be still and allow God to speak to your heart.

  3. Surround your life with greatness. This applies to people, places, and things. Avoid the negative!

  4. Maintain balance in your life. Let God fill the majority of your cup and then he will spill over into everything in your life but it’s up to you to maintain this balance on a day-to-day basis.

  5. Be humble. Pride can and will destroy you.

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