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The Girls House

In this story, I reveal the brokenness that humans endure. We all struggle at some point in our lives. Everyone can relate to that. Indeed, in this story, there is the drama of real live situations – but attached to the drama are lessons to be learned. It is not until the end of the problems each person see’s the light at the end of the tunnel. Some lights shine better than others, and sadly other lives end in darkness.

“In the end, I saw the beauty of it all. I could put the past behind me. I could live today.”

This is a story of a house of girls brought together by fate in which they can have another chance at life. A chance to change, a chance to grow, and chance to develop a relationship with their Maker. Their lives have been stained by the evil of the world, more specifically the addictions that have catapulted their lives. But now they are here. Their willingness to process will be the aiding factor in their success. Their time here will not be without conflict. But one thing is for certain they have not come here by mistake.

There is Carrie, Sophie, Olivia, Margie, and Tina. They all come from different walks of life, but yet are the same in many ways. These girls will come and go out of the house, and many will follow. Their lives are entangled by the mishaps of the word in this case addiction. But none are without hope for they have all agreed to attempt sobriety-this faint desire is not without many bumps and turns along the way. Their endings may be uncertain, but they are each learning to live and are a step closer to their chosen path. As long as can stay away from the drink or the drug, they have a chance. And through each other, they will discover themselves. Through God, they will discover who they are to become in the end.

Chapter 1

Carrie goes Crazy

Terrified of the road ahead of me, I could not withstand the insanity much longer. Just the other day, I took a knife to my wrist, proclaiming my own misery. As the blade touched my vein and drew a hint of blood, I zapped backed into the reality of my current situation; the reality being that I had given up on life. The enemy-whoever that may be- was getting the upper edge on my life. Suddenly, I reluctantly began to see this crazed event in a new light. I saw the greenness of my vein popping out of my skin as a thread of life. I was a living being, with blood pumping through my veins, and here I was trying to alter the thread. I was attempting to make myself even uglier than the terror that resided within. Now I was attempting to shout to the outside world the extent of my ugliness. And that’s when the blade dropped to the floor, just as the blood began to bubble. My mind began to race and the pain helped me to forget about my life, if just for a moment. I was crying for help with no one to call, I was searching with no clear direction, and ultimately the devil was marveling in his work.

In what seemed like a run for my life I began to run. Running from the truth that had always been there but that I refused to accept. And so I put one foot in front of the other and kept on trucking. On I went down a hidden path to nowhere until I couldn’t run any further. Gasping for breath I collapsed onto the pavement as a cried out to God in desperation of what I chose not see. Headlights blinded my view and interrupted my thoughts as the truck just inches in front of me screeched to a halt. I was not afraid and neither was I moving. Shakin, but fearless I welcomed the driver to confront me. Why I couldn’t use this fearlessness to dig me out of the pit is beyond me but so were most things at this point….

The rugged looking, long-bearded man approached me. The sound of his boots reminded me of the stomping ground that was my life. And then he spoke.

Ms..…”Don’ t you know you could get killed out here? Dumbfounded, I dryly replied, “No.” That’s when the man kneeled down so he could see clearly look into my eyes. The reality of the moment set in. I could not reject the kindness in his eyes. I was forced to slow down from my racing thoughts.

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