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Finding Hope in a Turbulent World

The world is in a turbulent state and has been for ages. The feeling of hopelessness is like a dark tunnel in which there is no escape. You are constantly searching for a way out. But while we are looking for the world to satisfy us, we aimlessly run in circles and fail to find the exit until we get to the point of surrender. The chaos of the world gets to us, and we become a slave to it as we work to fulfill our fleshly cravings. We must find a way out of the darkness. We must find hope, and if we can have hope, we find a way out, and we discover the brightness that overshadows the gloom of the evil in the world today.

Amid the waging war, people are on a ruthless search for coping mechanisms as they are on the hunt for hope. The problem remains that many people are unsure of where to find hope and are sinking in despair, desperate for a way out, and we often search in the wrong places. There is a great power that rules over this fallen world and has already conquered it. This profound force lifts us up from the boundless pit of lies the devil feeds us and reveals to us our true calling. Meet God—the author and finisher of all things.

We find our hope and security in the Truth of God’s word. The Lord’s love endures forever! Although temptation lurks beyond every corner, God gives us strength to overcome our trials as we seek Him out. A place of refuge must be sought, a place of rest in the fields of splendor with our heavenly Father. He waits there for us, patiently. He is sending His messengers out in full force to wage against this war of evil—a war that has already been won! Trust in His very Being that His people already have victory—the victory is just waiting to be claimed! But we must draw near to God and make an effort to come to know Him to claim our victory.

Although at one time in history, hopelessness might have been feasible—it is no longer. Jesus came into the world so that we may have hope. Even in the midst of a broken world, we find hope in the one who saved us from the world and gives us life beyond it. Despite the turbulent world we reside in day to day, we can not only learn to cope but we can thrive! Hope gets us through until the end.

We all have a bad habit we can break. It’s time to invest in a good habit. As we commit to devote ourselves to God in devotion and prayer, we have hope to overcome the bad habits of the world. This blog serves as a guide to help you discover hope, despite the chaos that surrounds us, to live a more fulfilling life and draw near to God. “Come near to God, and he will come near to you. Wash your hands, you sinners, and purify your hearts, you double-minded.” (James 4:8). God designed us each for a purpose, and we will not comprehend this purpose if we are slaves to the world.

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