Lifestyle Podcasts

What are Lifestyle Podcasts?

Among the many podcasts that have come out recently in what has been one of the hottest forms of media in recent years, there’s the popular lifestyle podcast. But what does that mean, exactly? Well, while a true crime podcast will profile a case for example, a lifestyle podcast will take on a specific way of living and profile it, exploring the positives and negatives to this part of life that we all identify with. Many times there are tips and pieces of advice within the lifestyle podcast or at the end of the lifestyle podcast.

Of course, all good podcasts revolve around stories that people can identify with and learn from. The same goes for lifestyle podcasts, which will usually take the listener on a journey into someone else’s world and experience before revealing what the problems might be and how they solved those problems, creating some sort of lesson. Some lifestyle podcasts are also fascinating interviews with people who have been very successful in creating brands or experiences based on lifestyle fixes.